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My First Book is Published

Posted in Programming

I’m very proud to announce that my first book, Hands-On Microservices with Kotlin, have been published by Packt.

A book where I try to explain how to design, build and deploy Microservices using Spring Framework 5.0 and Spring Boot 2.0.

From understanding the architecture principles, to testing, monitoring or even scaling Microservices and including up-to-date topics such cloud native and reactive Microservices.


Writing a book has been one of the more complicated things that I’ve ever did, and at the same time one of the most grateful experiences.

This is one of my biggest personal achievements, especially considering that three years ago I was a manager that was disconnected from technology. It’s been a really big journey that finally drive me back where I love to be in.

For that reason I’ve created a presentation for a tech-talk that I did at work, covering some of my history and some of the technologies on the book, this presentation is available, and the example source code, on this GitHub repository:

I don’t know what else I’ll do in the future, but I’ll try again to enjoy each moment of it, as I did meanwhile I wrote the book.

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I'm just a normal geek that code all kind of stuff, from complex corporate applications to games.

Games, music, movies and traveling are my escape pods.

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