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New Super Laydock

Posted in Programming, Gamming

So today I’ve speak  with my graphics designer to start the new game development, and originally I was interested in to do a remake of Rune Master 2 for MSX2, here is a video for those who like to see it.

Basically is kind of a board game for 4 players that could be played on a single computer, it’s turn base and it loots of fun. Gameplays are usually quite fast and it has a random map generator that make playing another game not so repetitive.

He was happy about that, but I did realise that maybe is better to try something that he like to do instead, so he suggest Super Laydock For MSX1, here is a video as well:

This is a classical japanese shoot em up, the idea is to make it look retro, with scaling and so.

So I decide that yes, les try!

Nothing to loose here.

Here is the music of the game!


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