Too much playing, to few doing

Lately I’ve realising that I spent too much time playing games and to few to doing them, so I try to change that.

Why? Because I use to do stuff and now I lazy and not really doing nothing, to comfortable to play another level, zone, dungeon, or whatever drive me that night on a VoIP program with friends.

First I’ve cancel my current subscription to world of warcraft, and hopefully uninstall it during this week, after the hash news to my guild mates, I gonna miss those guys, but we will in contact offline, af we always do.

After uninstall guild wars 2, diablo 3, hearthstone, and the other online games. If I need to install and configure them its enough work to rethink the whole thing.

I’ll play only offline PS3 and PC games, and once at a time and with small segments, is how I usually do my PS3 gaming, its take 2-3 months to end a good game.

Maybe I get the opportunity to switch broadband provider, something that I always postpone because I don’t want to left my guild. I could survive some weeks without internet, specially if I coding.

Them I need to focus on what kind of game I like to do, maybe following a honest approach, something short, easy to develop and release.

But first I really need to think, platform, editor, SDK, and tools, and if I going to use my mac or my windows to develop.

Question for another day


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